Yes, CHOCOLATE [cacao] is a vegetable and it's the "highest antioxidant" food on the planet.

Learn the benefits and the opportunity that can be yours, with Xocai™ - The Healthy Chocolate and Xe™ Energy Drink.

The Xoçai™ Difference

Comparing Xoçai™ to store-bought chocolate

What's your Health Worth?

 What's the Cost ?

Well Compared to what???

 10,747 ORAC - Fruits & Vegetable
 Cost = $7.41


   10,747 ORAC - 3 Xoçai™ Power Squares
                                                                Cost = $2.68

• Which would YOU rather eat?
• Which will be more practical to eat throughout the course
    of YOUR day?


Consider this: 
Many chronic illnesses are related to something called OXIDATION
One of the by-products of Oxidation is FREE RADICALS
Researchers associate Free Radicals with degenerative diseases
Antioxidants counter Free Radical damage
To track the antioxidant power of foods, scientists developed the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity test otherwise known as an "ORAC" rating assigned to foods tested.
What they found is that raw cacao is the #1 highest source of antioxidants in the world!

Xocai products blend the perfect combination of ingredients by also adding in the Acai Berry which is the #2 most potent antioxidant in existence and the #1 Super-food on the planet!

The fact is that antioxidants are most effective if consumed throughout the day to keep the antioxidant level high in our bloodstream. The reality is that most people simply don't consume enough raw vegetables & fruits throughout the day. Just like with any healthy routine, your chance of success goes up significantly if you can find something that you enjoy. If you like it, then it's a whole lot easier to follow through. That's the beauty of chocolate! Most people already eat and love chocolate! Adding some healthy chocolate to their daily diet isn't a chore as eating Healthy Chocolate is easy and pleasurable!

Rather, maybe you should ask yourself,

"What's your Health Worth"?