Yes, CHOCOLATE [cacao] is a vegetable and it's the "highest antioxidant" food on the planet.

Learn the benefits and the opportunity that can be yours, with Xocai™ - The Healthy Chocolate and Xe™ Energy Drink.

XeHealthy Energy Drink Information

Xe "Healthy" Energy Drink is the first ever proprietary blend of flavonoids and theobromine
by MXI Corp the creators of Xocai – The Healthy Chocolate.

Xe Energy Blend

Energy drinks are one of the hottest trends today cornering what was traditionally a coffee market, with emphasis on extremely high caffeine and sugar to create that "ultimate" energy high. What does not appear on current energy drink labels are the effects of consuming such elevated quantities of refined sugar and caffeine: the jitters and subsequent crash (amongst others). The proprietary Xe Healthy Energy blend exploits the natural properties of plant extracts and fruit juices to release energy over an extended period of time for a lasting and healthier boost. 

Theobromine has similar effects to caffeine with lesser impact on the central nervous system and not as addictive and is also known to be a myocardial stimulant. Studies also show theobromine to be a vasodilator and natural muscle relaxant, specifically smooth muscles like those used for breathing. Theobromine is a healthy alternative to caffeine and is best know as the active property in cacao & chocolate.

Known to help restore strength, regulate the endocrine system, and increases libido.

Known to increase the body's resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue and helps reduce inflammation.

Yerba Maté
Energizes the body, stimulates mental alertness, may aid in weight loss, accelerates healing process, may help relieve stress.


Known as an anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants, enhances body’s energy system, and is found in fruits like blueberries, apples, and grapes.

Guarana is 2 – 3 times stronger than caffeine and is slowly absorbed by the body so energy is released over an extended period of time. Guarana is also touted as being an appetite suppressant.

[● Acai  ●Goji  ●Boysenberry  ●Grape Seed  ●Wild Blueberry  ●Wild Bilberry  ●Elderberry]  [●Red Grape  ●Apple  ●Cherry]  [●Raspberry  ●Strawberry  ●Cranberry Powders]  ●Agave Nectar  ●Palatinose™


NISIN & NATAMYCIN:  ●Natural Preservatives
PURIFIED ALKALINE WATER:  ●Optimal Hydration  ●Helps neutralize stored acids & toxins

ORAC: 6701

2 pts Weight Watchers
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